The Book of All Power - by Edgar Wallace - PDF novel

The Book of All Power 

The Book of All Power

A high-spirited romp through the Russian Revolution with the aid of more coincidences than you can shake a stick at and a good dose of dramatic license. The pace of the writing sails you past the thin bits and there's enough plot to keep you going, though it gets telegraphed to you a few times too often for my liking in the early chapters. All in all, a good book for long winter bus journeys.

Edgar Wallace, one of the top mystery/thriller authors of his time, takes us to the Russian Revolution. We follow a 22-year-old man on his first assignment for a Russian-English oil company as he becomes embroiled in intrigue and romance involving a beautiful Grand Duchess, American mobster Cherry Bim, and the influential Israel Kensky and his magical book of "all power". This unlikely cast of characters embarks on an adventure full of twists and turns. I found it highly enjoyable. And the ending was unexpected and perfect.

Author: Edgar Wallace
 Publication Date: 1921
Publisher  London : Ward, Lock

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