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Slums of New York 1938

"SLUMS OF NEW YORK presents matter which must be considered seriously by those interested in the welfare of our City, particularly as it relates to our youth. "The purpose of this book, which is to excite the interest of intelligent and informed groups in the problem, is highly commendable. To this purpose, the information set forth in the book is important and valuable and its call to awakened consciousness of conditions cannot go unheeded by any whose pride in their City does not close their eyes to the drab and ugly spots."

-HENRY C. TURNER, Former President Board of Education, City of New York.

Excerpt from the book's introduction 

This extensive volume is a study of cultural patterns in New York's racial slum colonies. It treats of transplanted populations, Sicilians, North Italians, Euro-pean Jews, Czechs, Negroes, and of their children. Conducted as a long-time study of slum life during prosperity, 1925-6, and during the depression, 1931-2, it seeks a solution for slum eradication in terms of re-education rather than of physical rehabilitation, as through housing.

 It critically evaluates the impact upon the slum life of existing social institutions, such as the churches, schools, and social service agencies and singles out the public school as the only social institution possessing the vitality and the resources to overcome the vicious interplay of pathological social forces in the slum. It reveals prosperity and depression as affecting in no significant way the lives of the submerged class.

Family Life, the social world of the male child, and the social pattern of the immigrant neighborhood are carefully treated, in four major sections representing studies of four different racial communities at six-year intervals. Population trends, housing, home life, employment, health, community ties, play and recreation, family adjustment and maladjustment and crime and delinquency are among the subjects covered. The social patterns of the slum are described in terms of mobility, cultural conflict, and competition of social institutions. 

The generalizations are based upon intensive quantitative studies, involving two years of field study and several years spent in the interpretation of the data, which consist of case studies of 750 families and 1500 male children. The book is rich in illustrations and case studies are drawn from the lives of individuals and families. The author is widely known for his studies in the field of juvenile delinquency and criminology and was the director of social studies for the New York State Crime Commission, 1926-31. He is a Lecturer in child guidance and juvenile delinquency in the School of Education and the Division of Sociology of the College of the City of New York.

Author: Harry Manuel Shulman
 Publication Date:1938 

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