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"Finished" comprises the third book in H. Rider Haggard's so-called Zulu trilogy, the first two novels being "Marie" and "Child of Storm." This is a magnificent set of books that deals with the downfall of the Zulu people, as personally witnessed by Allan Quatermain, 

the hero of 14 of Haggard's novels, including "King Solomon's Mines." "Finished" has all the elements that Haggard's fans have come to expect from him: a great and fast-moving story, scenes of big-game hunting, interesting and amusing characters, bloody and well-described battles, all with a dash of mysticism and some supernatural elements thrown into the mix. It is a real rouser. In the first half of this book,

our hero Quatermain gets personally involved in the problems of a young couple in the bushveld in Africa, but the entire second half of the book details his stay with the Zulus, their war councils, and the great battles that the Zulus fought against the English in the late 1870s. The tone of the book is suitably elegiac, mourning the passing of proud people and culture. This is a magnificent trilogy of books, and it is a real shame that they are all out of print. But I heartily recommend that you seek them out.
Review by Sandy

Author: H. Rider  Haggard
Publication Date:1917

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