Germany Hitler Biography (1934) by Heinz A. Heinz

Germany  Hitler Biography 1934 FPDF Ebook by Heinz A. Heinz

Hitler Biography 1934 Free PDF Ebook

Heinz A. Heinz' aim has been to draw a picture of the Fuhrer from details supplied at first hand by those friends and helpers and comrades of his who believed in him from the first, who joined him at the beginning, stood by him through the darkest days and have lived to see one of the most astounding achievements of modern times. Revised throughout and brought fully up to date.
Contents of the book 

I. Birth and Boyhood . . . . .11 II. Vienna ....... 30 III. Munich ....... 49 IV. With Hitler in the War . . . -57 V. Hitler returns to Munich after the War: Herr Ernst Schmidt's Story ... 85 VI. Hitler joins the " Deutsche Arbeiter- Partei " . . . . . .109 VII. Early Struggles of the Movement: Gott- fried Schmitt's Story . . . .124 VIII. Herr Drexler Continues his Story. .138 IX. " Und ihr habt doch gesiegt " . . . 147 X. Hitler in Landsberg: Oberwachtmeister Hemmrich's Story . . . . .167 XL Second Founding of the Party. .196 XII. Hitler sets his Hand to the Plough. 208 XIII. Hitler, the Workless and the Needy. 217 XIV. What "Socialism" really means. 231 XV. Hitler, Germany and the World. • 240

Book Published: 1934

Author: Heinz A. Heinz

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