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A College Girl Novel 1913

Here is a book about the young girl and her awakening to the world by this talented author. Darsie, the heroine, is selected by an old aunt to come and spend a year or so as her companion. The old woman tries to coach Darsie in matters of deportment and behavior. This would be pretty odious if it were not for the presence locally of a young family of boys and girls of Darsie's age, whom, being rich and living rather grandly, the aunt allows Darsie to know. The first half of the book describes the times they had. The old aunt promises Darsie that she will make available the funds needed for Darsie to go up to Cambridge as a student at Newnham, a girls' college. and surprises happen.

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Jessie Bell, later Jessie Mansergh, was an English writer born in Liverpool, who wrote under her married name Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey.
Born: 1857, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Died: January 23, 1917, Hampstead, London, United Kingdom

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Author: Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
 Publication Date:1913
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