FSI - Spanish Language Fast Course - PDF book

FSI - Spanish FAST Course - PDF book 

FSI - Spanish Language Fast Course

This course consists of 38 lessons, called "Cycles," which have been prepared for use with accompanying tape recordings. 

The course was originally designed to be used as the basic material in an intensive ten-^week program involving five or six hours of class per day; however, it is also possible to use the material on a less intensive basis, either alone or in conjunction with more traditional materials. The course is not designed for self-study and requires the presence of a trained instructor who is a native speaker of Spanish and who is also resourceful and Imaginative. 

An instructor's Manual provides useful guidance for the teacher. The 38 Qycles focus on practical situations useful for getting around in the Spanish-speaking world. Language notes explain the grammar of the language as exemplified in situational dialogues. 

In class, the instructor will continually vary his or her part of the dialogues in order to give students practice in coping with a wide range of Spanish usage. Ibis course was designed by Vicente Arbelaez (Colombia), Spanish Section Acting Head in the Department of Romance Languages at the Foreign Service Institute (PSI). He, Lily Bean (Chile), and C. Cleland Harris (Puerto Rico) prepared the original lesson materials. Dr. Harris also wrote most of the cultural and language notes, with the help of Marisa Kenney-Lopez (Mexico). 

These were subsequently edited, and before publication, additional notes were provided by Stephen Zappala (U.S.), Chairman of the Department of Romance Languages. Many members of PSI's staff contributed to this effort. Marisa Kenney-Lopez was responsible for editing and for making final revisions to the text. Leonor Paine (Honduras) was the principal consultant and was responsible for field testing both the original and the revised versions. Maria del Carmen Alvarez-Ortega (Spain) and Cristina Jarquin (Spain) prepared the dialogues in the final Cycle. Other members of the PSI Spanish staff— especially Susana Framinan (Argentina), Jose Molina (Honduras), Lucia Penna (Spain), Blanca Spencer (Colombia), Agustin Vilches (Peru), and Stephen Zappala — provided useful suggestions and comments. 

The recordings were made in the studios of the PSI Language Laboratory under the supervision of Jose M. Ramirez. The consultants were Vicente Arbelaez and Stephen Zappala. The scripts were voiced by Pedro Alvarez (Bolivia), Ehrique Banal es (Uruguay), Mercedes Centeno (Venezuela), Dina Cotlier (Argentina), Nelson Illidge (Colombia), Marisa Kenney-Lopez, and Leonor Paine. vii

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