Atheism The Logic Of Disbelief PDF book by Joseph McCabe

Atheism The Logic Of Disbelief by Joseph McCabe Free PDF book

Atheism The Logic Of Disbelief by Joseph McCabe
Joseph McCabe was an atheist thinker

Published note:
During its day, the original publisher of this pamphlet, the Haldeman- Julius Company of Girard, Kansas, was the most important publisher of radical materials in the United States. From the founding of his company in 1919 until his early death in 1951, E. Haldeman-Julius published more than 4200 books and pamphlets, with a total press run perhaps exceeding 100 million copies.

One of Haldeman-Julius’s most important and most prolific writers was Joseph McCabe, the author of this pamphlet. In regard to Christianity, McCabe was perhaps the most learned atheist writer who ever lived. This was a result of his native gifts and his background— he was a former Catholic priest, fluent in Latin and several other languages, who had taught philosophy and ecclesiastical history in a Catholic college.

During his lifetime (1867 - 1956) McCabe translated dozens of books and wrote hundreds of his own books and pamphlets, all on various aspects of history, and a great many on religious topics. Perhaps his most important work was A Rationalist Encyclopedia, published in 1950, and of which he was an editor. Atheism: The Logic of Disbelief first appeared in 1936 as a Haldeman-Julius “Big Blue Book” (a 5-1/2” X 8-1/2” pamphlet) under the title, Does Atheism Rest Its Case on Logic? This version of the- pamphlet is similar to the original; we have, however, reset the type to make it more readable. We’re happy to make this enlightening work available again after a decades-long hiatus. —

Author: Joseph McCabe
  Publication Date: 2006

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