114 proved plans to save a busy man time (1918) by A.W. Shaw

Tested plans for making every minute count- ways to keep work free from interruption- how to put your office and desk ineffective time-saving trim— methods that help to speed up routine.

114 proved plans to save a busy man time

There are scores of time-saving plans in this little book, but each of them was selected only after one or more similar plans had been discarded. Several hundred plans were carefully inspected to secure the 114 printed in the book. 

"Where did they all come from?" you will probably ask. They have been furnished by a group of unusually successful businessmen with which the editorial organization of the A. W. Shaw Company has built up a confidential contact. Only those in this group who has specialized in working out plans and methods for saving time supplied material for this particular book. So the book really not only contains the very best plans from among several hundred for cutting downtime wishes, but the best plans worked out by the men with the best records for perfecting plans whom the A. W. Shaw Company has been able to discover after a country-wide search extending over a number of years. 

This explains why the plans cover so many types of business. But this only increases their value, of course, for it is a demonstrated fact that nine out of every ten plans that succeed with one type of proposition can be used for almost all other types. Furthermore, the ever-increasing intensity of the competition which businessmen face nowadays makes it necessary for them to draw their ideas from more than one type of proposition if they are to keep up to date. Just try out one or two of the plans that appeal to you most if you want first-hand proof of this assertion that ideas can be transferred from one field to another. As a matter of fact, there are many classic incidents illustrating this truth — the cash register is said to have come from a device for recording the revolutions of a ship's engines, for example. These incidents all go to illustrate the important fundamental truth that the various types of business are after all very much alike.

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