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The new Machiavelli by H. G. Wells Free PDF novel (1910)

The new Machiavelli by H. G. Wells Free PDF novel (1910)

The new Machiavelli by H. G. Wells

The New Machiavelli is a 1911 novel by H. G. Wells that was serialized in The English Review in 1910. Because its plot notoriously derived from Wells's affair with Amber Reeves and satirized Beatrice and Sidney Webb, it was "the literary scandal of its day"
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The New Machiavelli purports to be written in the first person by its protagonist, Richard "Dick" Remington, who has a lifelong passion for "statecraft" and who dreams of recasting the social and political form of the English nation. Remington is a brilliant student at Cambridge, writes several books on political themes, marries a wealthy heiress and enters parliament as a Liberal influenced by the socialism of a couple easily recognizable as the Webbs, only to go over to the Conservatives.

Review by MJ Nicholls
A long-winded political novel charting a Liberal MP’s rise from the ranks of sexless progressives to a Tory-led aristocratic ruling class with weird notions about eugenics. For those interested in the politics of the period and the slow grinding of progress towards votes for women and a coherent plan to cope with industrialization, this novel is a fascinating snapshot of the Fabian-era and a reminder that all politics is cyclical, and today’s tub thumpers are tomorrow’s footnotes. (And not one for fans of the rollicking tales of SF-Herbert). The blurb is misleading, as the autobiographical scandal kicks off around page 330, leaving fans of thwarted romance wanting for long ponderous page after long ponderous page, and when the romance arrives, Wells’s weakness at melodrama provides a priapic misfire. The dense political chronicling is the more interesting and engaging part of this mid-period behemoth in the formidable HG canon.

Author: H. G. Wells
 Publication Date:(1910) 

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