The new Machiavelli - PDF by H. G. Wells

The new Machiavelli 

The new Machiavelli - PDF by  H. G. Wells 

The New Machiavelli is a 1911 novel by H. G. Wells that was serialized in The English Review in 1910. Because its plot notoriously derived from Wells's affair with Amber Reeves and satirized Beatrice and Sidney Webb, it was "the literary scandal of its day"

The New Machiavelli purports to be written in the first person by its protagonist, Richard "Dick" Remington, who has a lifelong passion for "statecraft" and who dreams of recasting the social and political form of the English nation. 

Remington is a brilliant student at Cambridge, writes several books on political themes, marries a wealthy heiress and enters parliament as a Liberal influenced by the socialism of a couple easily recognizable as the Webbs, only to go over to the Conservatives.


Since I came to this place I have been very restless, wasting my energies in the futile beginning of ill-conceived books. One does not settle down very readily at two and forty to a new way of living, and I have found myself with the teeming interests of the life I have abandoned still buzzing like a swarm of homeless bees in my head. My mind has been full of confused protests and justifications. 

In any case, I should have found difficulties enough in expressing the complex thing I have to tell, but it has added greatly to my trouble that I have a great analogue, that a certain. Niccolo Machiavelli chanced to fall out of politics at A very much the age I have reached, and wrote a book to engage the restlessness of his mind, very much as I have wanted to do. 

He wrote about the relation of the great constructive spirit in politics to individual character and weaknesses, and so far his achievement lies like a deep rut in the road of my intention. It has taken me far astray. It is a matter of many weeks now diversified indeed by some long drives into the mountains behind us and a memorable sail to Genoa across the blue and purple waters that drowned Shelley since I began a laboured and futile imitation of " The Prince." I sat up late last night with the jumbled accumulation; and at last, made a little fire of olive twigs and burnt it all, sheet by sheet to begin again clear this morning.

Author: H. G. Wells
 Publication Date:(1910) 

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