Benedetto Croce; an introduction to his philosophy (1922) by Raffaello Piccoli PDF book

This book is an introduction to the philosophy of Benedetto Croce, who was an Italian idealist philosopher.

As a young man, in my student days in Italy, I was a fervid and enthusiastic follower of Croce's ideas: one of the many who used to swear, as we were wont to say, in verba Cruris. To the generation who opened the eyes of their intellect in the dawn of the century, he had revealed what seemed to be the only safe path between the two precipices of pseudo-scientific materialism on one hand, and of mysticism on the other, which in all its many forms (traditionalism, modernism, pragmatism, intuitionism, aestheticism, super-humanism, futurism) could not be anything less than an abdication of thought for the sake of the emotions.

And it should not be wondered at, if Croce's books, appearing at short intervals between 1900 and 1910, and building up what presented itself to us as a complete system of answers to all, or practically all, our most pressing spiritual questions, were received by us with deep gratitude but with very little constructive criticism. They covered such an enormous space on the map of European culture, that even for the most ambitious among us, they were very often the first introduction to entirely new fields of studies, and all we could do was to follow our guide in his voyages of rediscovery

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