Language-student's manual PDF book (Guide to Learn any Foreign Languages easily ) 1917

Language-student's manual PDF book  (Guide to Learn any Foreign Language)  1917 Phonetic Language-student's manual by William Patterson

Language-student's manual PDF book

This book is not intended for students of advanced education, nor for those who have already attained considerable proficiency in the study of modern languages. It has been written solely for men and women of fair education who, while feeling the need of a knowledge of one or more foreign tongues, are not quite sure what system to adopt, and who therefore require some advice upon the subject. The second part of the book is devoted to the science of phonetics' introducing and explaining the values of certain sounds foreign to English pronunciation, which usually are none too clearly explained in popular grammar.

I have endeavored to give simple explanations of many terms which, I trust, will enable the beginner to understand any elementary grammar. The work may perhaps lend some assistance to the pupil-teacher and others who need an additional excuse for advocating the study of foreign idioms, though in the main I intend it to act as a guide to correct pronunciation and fluency, and as a key to certain matters intimately connected with the status of the Briton abroad. I want to see our countrymen, both at home and in foreign lands, living in a state of unrivaled prosperity. Every Briton who sets forth on a journey to some other country ought to be thoroughly equipped, and what part of his equipment is more important than a knowledge of the language?

William Patterson
 Publication Date:1917

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