Crystal vision through crystal gazing - PDF book by Frater Achad

Crystal vision through crystal gazing 

The study of Crystal Gazing without a Crystal would appear very much like the study of a “Bill of Fare” without troubling to obtain the material food described thereon. The mere reading of a book on a subject of this nature without an at¬ tempt to put into practice the processes described —step by step—from the very beginning, is futile and a mere waste of time.

 The first consideration, therefore (if the would-be seer has not already attended to the matter), will be the choice of a suitable Crystal to form the material basis of his experiments and a step¬ ping-stone to the development of his latent powers of clear vision.

 In all probability, the aspirant to this ancient art has already been attracted to a Crystal Sphere of this nature, for there is little doubt of the extraordinary magnetic attraction of objects of this kind whenever they are exposed to our view, and since the present interest in this fascinating subject has become apparent, we may see these Crystals displayed more publicly than has ever been the case in the past. In olden times, and even up to the last few years, crystals were the cherished possessions of those well advanced upon the Path and kept by them from the eyes of the so-called profane. 

Only after having found the way, often with difficulty, to the presence of these Seers, did an op¬ opportunity occur to get even a glimpse of such a magical link with the invisible spheres. Fortunately for the modern aspirant, however, this difficulty has been removed and it has been found that more good may result by a proper study of this science so as to develop one’s own latent powers than ever a mere visit to a Seer could produce. Man has made a considerable advance on the road to Attainment. Self-development and self-initiation are beginning to play a much more prominent part than formerly. Man is no longer content to believe what he is told, he at last desires to know from his own experience. The Crystal is a stepping-stone towards Self- knowledge.

The purpose of this little volume is three-fold. 

(1) To give those who are interested in the art of Crystal-Gazing a clear and concise method of procedure, not alone in the practice of the work, but also in the preparation of the crystal itself, so that it becomes a true material basis or link with other planes.

(2) To show that the Ancient Methods of Working—if properly understood—are more scientific than modern ones, since they were designed to ensure a defi¬ nite type of vision and to put the Seer in touch with definite Intelligence of a Higher Order.

 (3) To point out that there are other Crystalline Spheres besides the crystal ball at first used to contact them; and that eventually, the practice may lead to very high results, if the necessary steps are taken to ensure success. With these objects in mind, the Author has done all in his power to make this book of real value to all who may obtain it.

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