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Nirvana : a story of Buddhist psychology PDF book by Paul Carus (1902)

Download Nirvana: a story of Buddhist psychology PDF book by Paul Carus (1902)

Nirvana: a story of Buddhist psychology

Excerpt :

WHEN Buddha, the Blessed One, the Tathagata, the great sage of the Sakya tribe, was yet walking on earth, the news thereof spread over all the valley of the holy Ganga, and every man greeted his friend joyfully and said: "Hast thou heard the good tidings?

The Enlightened One, the Perfect One, the holy teacher of gods and men, has appeared in the flesh and is bodily walking among us! I have seen him and have taken refuge in his doctrine; go thou also and see him in his glory. His countenance is beautiful like the rising sun; he is tall and strong like the young lion that has left his den; and when the Blessed One opens his mouth to preach, his words are like music, and all those who listen to his sermons believe in him.

The kings of Magadha, of Kosala, and of many other countries have heard his voice, have received him, and confess themselves to his disciples. The Blessed Buddha has solved the riddle of the world and understands the problem of existence. He teaches that life is suffering, but he knows both the origin of suffering and the escape from it and assures his disciples that Nirvana can be obtained by walking in the noble path of righteousness.

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