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Repairmen may gyp you

his book provides a superfluity of anecdotes about tricks various repairmen play on their customers, and how they can be caught.
It concludes repairmen cheat their customers mostly because 1) they are poorly paid to begin with, and 2) their customers will seldom return anyway.
Content of the book:
1 Introduction 1 In which Bill Riis, in Jersey, wonders, "Did I get gypped?" 2 Pat's Letters 12 "But 'tisn't easy, Bill, to work out a uniform test-for-gyprey." 3 Automobiles 53 "Lady, your manifold is gone; so's your carburetor!" 4 Radios 126 "Never give the customer his old parts." The Radio School. 5 Watches 158 "/ show you something. Vy should I swindle people?" 6 Typewriters 185 "The more ignorant the customer, the more he oughtta pay." 7 Vacuum Cleaners and Electric Irons 204 "The power company keeps 'em running. They use juice!" 8 What Is Your Experience? 210 "It's cheaper to buy a new one than to fix the old one" 9 Trade Reactions 227 "Dai's all right. I'm an honest mechanic. I live on hot air." 10 Magazine Excerpts 243 "Let's not kid ourselves. . . . But people forget quickly." 11 Aftermaths 250 "Irresistibly, naturally, they set out to rook you." 12 Doctors and Lawyers 261 "Now why do you pick on us? Just look at the other guy!" 13 Conclusion 267 More laws will never make men honest. Pride often does.

For six months," says The Neiv York Herald Tribune, "the two authors of this perturbing little volume made a nationwide investigation of the higher nature, if any, of the American repairman. Buying a used car of distinguished make, they engaged the assistance of a lady who looked more helpless than she was, and traveled 19,000 miles, with 1,700 calls on repair shops." "And no one," adds the Boston Post, "could ever pass this book with indifference

Whatever your experience with repairmen may have been, you'll find its counterpart here. You will point it out with great satisfaction, and you'll say: 'There! That's exactly what happened to me once.' And you're lucky if it has happened only once. The Post can't think of any subject for research that touches more people. Buy this book, and you will get your money back, over and over, in amounts saved through your wisdom." "There are some amusing stories in it," says the Baltimore Sun, and the Washington Post thinks that the funniest was "the authors' experiences with the Rube Goldberg testing machines used by some shops to impress customers." "The articles in The Reader's Digest were interesting," remarks the Springfield Republican, "but they left room for doubt. The book, however, with details of the almost laboratory caution used by the authors in making their tests, is alarmingly convincing."

Author:  Roger William
 Publication Date:1951
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