Humanism, atheism : principles and practice - PDF ebook

Humanism, atheism: principles and practice

Humanism, atheism: principles and practice
Humanism, atheism: principles and practice 

Excerpt from the book's introduction

For a long time the discussion of Marxist humanism and atheism, their meaning and character was in the West reduced to bare condemnation. 

The situation has changed, as it was bound to, and a new method, a dialogue between atheists and believers, has become part of life. The desire to perceive the meaning of Marxist atheism is now displayed even by theists—sociologists, politicians, religious leaders, who work in the midst of the masses. 

Above all, this refers to those who cherish social peace, justice, and national equality as do the working people, those who fight for these principles regardless of their attitude to religion. The book Links Katholizismus  Line Katholische Initiative in Moskau was published in Vienna in September 1965.

It was written by Dr Wilfrid Daim, a Left Catholic, one of the ideologists who not only study the possibility of dialogue between Christians, atheists and those indifferent to religion but also work to implement it, realizing that it is a means of attaining objectives that are common to all people of goodwill—universal peace. 

Dr. Daim is quite right when he states that “contact between Communists and Catholics is essential, for it is much easier to talk if you know the other side’s pat¬ tern of thinking.”

Dr. Daim tells about the impressions of his visit to the Soviet Union and reflects on atheism in the USSR. He comes to a number of rash conclusions (which is quite natural for a person making such a short visit s which are often unconfirmed and sometimes even biased. 

However, both the visit and the book are actually an initiative, an attempt to understand social relations in the Soviet Union, the ethical principles underlying people’s relations and the relations between Church and State there.

Publisher : Novosti Press Agency Publishing House

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