Ambition And Success - PDF book by Orison Swett Marden

Ambition And Success 

Orison Swett Marden

Ambition often begins very early to knock for recognition. If we do not heed its voice, if it gets no encouragement after appealing to us for years-, it gradually ceases to trouble us, because, like any other unused quality or function, it deteriorates or disappears when unused. God is whispering into the ear of all existence, of every created thing “Look up.

” Every sentient thing in the universe seems to be trying to get to a higher level. Everything is in the process of evolution, and evolution is always upward. The butterfly does not become a grub. It is not the evolutionary law. The grub develops into a butterfly. It is never the other way. Be careful how you discourage or refuse to heed that inner voice which commands you to go forward, for if you do it will become less and less insistent until finally, 

it will cease to prod you, and when ambition is dead deterioration has set in. That inner call to go forward, to push on to a higher good, is God’s voice; heed it. It is your best friend and will lead you into light and joy.

"Ambition is the spur that makes man struggle with destiny: it is heaven’s own incentive to make purpose great, and achievement greater.” In a factory where mariners’ compasses are made, the needles, before they are magnetized, will lie in any position, wherever they are placed, but from the moment they have been touched by the mighty magnet .and have been electrified, they are never again the same. They have taken on a mysterious power and are new creatures. Before they are magnetized, they do not answer the call of the North Star, the magnetic pole does not have any effect upon them, but the moment they have been magnetized they swing to the magnetic north, and are ever after loyal and true to their affinity.

Multitudes of people, like an unmagnetized needle, lie motionless, unresponsive to any stimulus until they are touched by that mysterious force we call ambition. Whence comes this overmastering impulse that pushes human beings on, each to his individual goal? Where is the source of ambition, and how and when does it gain entrance into our lives? How few of us ever stop to think what ambition really means, its cause, or significance! Yet, if we could explain just what ambition is, we could explain the mystery of the universe. The instinctive impulse to keep pushing on and up is the most curious and the most interesting thing in human life. It exists in every normal human being and is just as pronounced and as real as the instinct of self-preservation.


What Is Ambition?
The Satisfied Man
The Influence of Environment.
Unworthy Ambitions
Ambition Knows No Age Limit
Make Your Life Count
Visualize Yourself in a Better Position
Thwarted Ambition
Why Don't You Begin?

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  • Author:  Orison Swett Marden
  • Publication date: 1919

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