Linguistic and oriental essays - PDF by Robert Needham Cust

Linguistic and oriental essays 

Linguistic and oriental essays

I can not plead the conventional excuse of the solicitation of unduly partial friends for the appearance of this volume; nor, on the other hand, can I be charged with a desire to rush into print, as all these Essays have been published long ago (some more than a quarter of a century), in the pages of an esteemed Periodical, with a much wider circulation than they are likely to attain in a collective form. Two of them have appeared in French garb in Paris.

Neither do I much care for praise or blame; I should be satisfied, if one or two sympathetic readers, after making allowance for many blemishes, would admit, that the Author dearly loved the people of India, and desired their best interests. I should also be glad, if one or two young men, in the morning of their career, were helped onward in the acquisition of Oriental knowledge, and fired with an interest in the wellbeing of our Indian fellow subjects. How grateful should I have been, if such a volume had been placed in my hands in 1842

details :
  • Author: Robert Needham Cust
  • Publication date: 1880
  • Remark London, Trübner & Co.

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