Confessions of a Young Man - George Moore - PDF ebook

Confessions of a Young Man 

Confessions of a Young Man
Confessions of a Young Man - PDF ebook

From preface:
If I say that the end of the Nineteenth Century cannot brag of a more original book than “The Confessions of a Young Man,” I shall be deemed boastful and arrogant, but if the reader doesn’t lay the book aside, he will probably discover me to be a man who would speak truthfully on all occasions, even about his own writings, a subject which lends itself to the exposition of a great deal of hypocrisy and insincerity, vices peculiarly disagreeable to me, and which I would avoid in the preface as I have avoided them in the book. 

Therefore, I relate that the adjectives that came up in my mind on looking through these Confessions were “original” and “incomplete.” No one will object to my applying the word “incomplete” to my own book, but the word “original,” how is that to be justified? By a simple statement that the book owes its originality to the circumstances out of which it came rather than from any special talent in the writer. Gaiety, liveliness in plenty . . . talent? I am not sure that the word “talent” is applicable to these Confessions. 

 At the time of writing them, I knew nothing of Jean Jacques Rousseau. It is barely credible that I could have lived into early manhood without having heard of him, but “The Confessions of a Young Man” testifies that I never read him; a page of Jean Jacques would have made the book I am prefacing an impossibility; another book more complete but less original might have been written. I wrote without a model; Jean Jacques, too, wrote without a model, but he wrote at the end of his life, between sixty and sixty-five. 

His book is life seen in long mysterious perspectives, whereas mine is merely the evanescent haze by the edge of the wood, the enchantment of a May morning. Youth goes forth singing; the song is often crude and superficial; youth cannot be other than superficial, but the book babbles spontaneously and truthfully, and this is why Pater liked it and why it drew from him the letter that I print.

The Confessions of a Young Man (1886 in French; 1888 in English) is a memoir by Irish novelist George Moore who spent about 15 years in his teens and 20s in Paris and later London as a struggling artist.

 book details :
  • Author: George Moore
  • Publication date:1917
  • Company: New York: Brentano's

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