Mike Fletcher; a novel - George Moore - PDF ebook

Mike Fletcher - a novel 

Mike Fletcher

From preface:
Has any reader of this book ever visited one of the dissecting rooms in the great cities in Europe and listened to Some eminent surgeon as with scalpel in hand he dexterously cuts open a cadaver, and in clear and concise language explain to his hearers the ravages of disease in the human body? If so, I am certain that all thoughts of the putrefying matter vanished before the eloquence of the learned professor. A similar comparison may be made concerning the author of " Mike Fletcher."

 He is the experienced surgeon before whose description, language, and diction all other thoughts disappear. Let those who are ever ready to find fault and to cast a stone raise their hands and eyes in orthodox fashion and condemn George Moore, — Moore, whom I unhesitatingly pronounce to be the greatest realistic writer of the present age, superior to Zola, inasmuch as the author of " Mike Fletcher" is always sincere and never vulgar.

 Let people with squeamish tastes disparage George Moore. Broad-minded people, generous people, people of the world, people who constitute the brains and sinews of society, will declare that " Mike Fletcher" is an imperishable masterpiece of the Anglo-Saxon tongue.

the book details :
  • Author: George Moore
  • Publication date: 1889
  • Company: New York, Minerva Publishing Co

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