The gleam - by Helen Rickey Albee - PDF ebook

The gleam

The gleam -  by Helen Rickey Albee

From the introduction:

Among the precious treasures of youth, there is none more sacred and incommunicable than the first moment of spiritual consciousness. It is the initial step taken in " the flight of the alone to the Alone," as Plotinus expresses it, and as in all great experiences, the full import is not discerned at the time. I recall with vividness events that took place when I was but three years old, and my mother took me upon a journey halfway across the continent. 

What interests me now more than the mere recovery of scenes and incidents of that journey was the extreme annoyance I felt when my grandfather carried me in his arms to a window to see the sunrise over the prairie; for, as a mere babe, I not only recognized the rising sun as no novelty but resented the imputation of ignorance regarding it. 

Memory which was then aroused and the conscious reflection upon my relation to several events which occurred on that visit was quite different from the deeper spiritual consciousness referred to, and they antedated my real awakening by three years or more. 


An Awakening 3
A State of Sin 17
Years of Wandering 23
Within the Fold 35
The Darkness Before Dawn 51
The First Light >. .... 59
Psychic Experiences 73
Real Apprenticeship ........ 93
Work 119
A Season of Growth 157
Purgation 183
In the Hour of Need 199
In the Light of the Spirit 215
The Garden of Difficulty 233
A Dead Level 247
The Higher Economics 261
Training , . . . . 275
The Higher Self .. 297

the book details :
  • Author: Helen Rickey Albee
  • Publication date: 1911
  • Company: New York: H. Holt and Co

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