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An English grammar 

An English grammar

In the opinion of the authors of this book, technical grammar should not be taught in the first years of high school. In the seventh and eighth grades, the pupils have already studied the elements of English grammar, as a discipline in the analysis of thought, as a preparation for studying foreign tongues, and as an aid in composition. 

In the ninth and tenth grades, they do have not enough linguistic experience and added grasp of mind to make the continuation of English grammar a profitable study. But suppose in the eleventh or twelfth grade (preferably in the latter), the student resumes the study of the mother tongue. In that case, he will bring to it two or three years of scholastic discipline and experience beyond that of the eighth grade and will be prepared to attack new and more complex problems.

In preparing this treatise on English grammar, the authors have assumed on the part of the student's such knowledge of the subject as would be obtained from the study of an elementary text—for example, the Elementary Grammar of this series of language books, Progressive Studies In English. 

An attempt is here made to furnish the text needed for two classes of more advanced students: first, those who require a book of medium difficulty; and, secondly, those who require a comprehensive and scientific treatise.

For the first class, the matter printed in the type of the regular text will probably be sufficient, though among such students questions will doubtless arise that will require reference to other portions of the volume. The second class, the more mature students of normal schools and colleges, should endeavour to master the principles developed in the historical and other material printed in smaller types. In case circumstances require rearrangement and condensation of the text, attention is called to the fact that English furnishes far richer material for the study of syntax than for the study of inflexion.

The authors desire to acknowledge their indebtedness to the great English grammar of Metzner and Koch, valuable mines of classified illustrative material, from which they have taken a large number of sentences. 

Some contents of the book:

1-8 The English Language. i
9-14 How to Study English Grammar. 5
15-17 Some Principles or Phonetics. 7
18-19 Changes in Form and Function. 9
20 Bibliography .n
21 Nouns. I S
22-30 Number. x 5
31-35 Case. 21
36-37 Person and Gender.24
Exercises. 26
38 Pronouns.
39-41 Personal Pronouns. 2 9
42-44 Compound Personal Pronouns. 3 1
45-48 Indefinite Pronouns. 33
49-50 Interrogative Pronouns. 35
51-54 Relative Pronouns. 3 6
55 Demonstrative Pronouns ..38
Exercises. 39

Author: Alma Blount
 Publication Date: 1914
Publisher New York, H. Holt and company

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