This, my son - PDF novel by René Bazin

This, my son (novel) 

This, my son
This, my son - by René Bazin

A historical novel from the history of Mauges, the Choletais bocage and Anjou, 

"This, My son," tells the story of an ordinary provincial family, marked by the vicissitudes specific to all eras: conflict of generations, failure of paternal authority, a chaotic journey of the prodigal son, thwarted love… 

This, enlivened by the confrontation of strong characters, in a region marked by a spirit of resistance and rebellion, dating from the wars of the Vendée.

"This, My son" his a translation of the novel Les Noellet (1890) by René François Nicolas Marie Bazin who was a French novelist

the book details :
  • Author: René Bazin 
  • translator: DR. A. S. RAPPOPORT
  • Publication dateL 1908
  • Company: New York: Scribner's

  • Download This, my son novel - 9 MB

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