A history of modern Europe - PDF book by Thomas H. Dyer (6 Volumes)

A history of modern Europe

A history of modern Europe

From the fall of Constantinople (1453 to 1900) 

From the editor\s preface:

The design of the following work is to give a general view of European history during the last four centuries.
 In these words did the late Dr Thomas Dyer begin the Preface to the first edition of his "Modern Europe." The present and third editions have now been thoroughly revised and continued from 1871 to 1900. Dr Dyer had in a most conscientious fashion consulted a large number of original and secondary authorities and had bestowed upon his work many years of close study. 

In the present edition care has been taken to interfere as little as possible with the results of his labours, or with the main design of the book as originally conceived. Since however. Dr Dyer's ''Modern Europe" was given to the world, a remarkable advance has been made in our knowledge of the history of Europe after the fall of Constantinople in 1453; and an enormous mass of new material, bearing especially on the Napoleonic Period, has appeared. Consequently, it has been found necessary to revise the whole of Dr Dyer's history. 

Some passages have been omitted, and others entirely recast. Certain expressions have been altered, and, generally, the results of modern research have been embodied.

As it now stands, the volumes will present, in a way which no other single work in English does, a complete history of Modern Europe from 1453 to 1900, and on a scale which leaves to the general reader little to be desired. 

The book is in no sense a mere sketch of modern history but constitutes a very solid and useful addition to our sources of information regarding the history and development of the States which form Europe.

the book details :
  • Author: Thomas Henry Dyer was an English historical and antiquarian writer. 
  • Editor and revisor: Arthur Hassall
  • Publication date: 1901
  • Company: London: G. Bell
  • for academics and General readers

  • Contents

    This is a modern history of Europe till 1900 as follows:
    v. 1. 1453-1525--v. 2. 1525-1585--v. 3. 1576-1679--v. 4. 1679-1789--v. 5. 1789-1815--v. 6. 1815-1900

    Download Volume 1 (1453-1525) - 28 MB

    Download Volume 2 (1525-1585) 29 MB

    Download 3 (1576-1679) - 28 MB

    Download 4  (1679-1789) - 28 MB

    Download 5 (1789-1815) 30 MB

    Download 6 (1815-1900) 24 MB

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