The Coming Christ by Johanna (1920) PDF ebook : Christ in humanity

The Coming Christ by Johanna

The Coming Christ by Johanna
The Coming Christ

Christ in you.- Christ in humanity

We read in the Gospels the following wise injunctions and remarkable prophecies : 

Take heed that no man leads you astray. Take heed lest any man deceives you: For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. 

And then, if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ; or, lo, he is there; believe him not: For false Christs and false prophets shall arise, and shall show signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things. Fulfilling the prophecy, many are being called upon to believe in, and prepare for, the appearance in the body, exclusively of one individual, no less than ' The Christ.' Not Jesus: the supposed historical Jesus is said to be another person. We are told, this is to be another actual coming, (in a body) of the selfsame World Teacher, who took possession of the body of a man Jesus, who is supposed to have taught 1900 years ago. The expected teacher is advertised as' The Supreme Teacher ' of the World. He is said to be ' The Christ.' Also, it is claimed that " Lord Maitreya and Christ are the same." 

 According to a certain ' occult conception,' not in accordance with the spiritual teaching of the N.T., we are falsely instructed to believe that Jesus, called a ' well-loved disciple,' trained, tended, and guarded his body, pre- paring it to receive the incoming mighty Personage, ''The Christ,^ who is the Supreme Teacher of the world, " incoming at the point marked by the Baptism, worn until the time of the death, so that through the whole of that teaching," it is asserted, " it was not Jesus but the Christ who was the Teacher who founded Christianity." This idea, as conceived, is a misconception, a gross perversion of truth. Take heed that no man lead you astray ! " Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." This grotesque idea, which is one of obsession, has been ' occultly conceived '; plans have been laid with insidious care; reprehensible methods have been employed to further its credence and acceptance.

 We read;  Many of us believe that the same Supreme Teacher will again be manifested, again to tread the earth as He trod it in Judaea, again to enlighten the world with spiritual wisdom, again to strike the key-note of a new civilization, gathering all the religions of the world under that supreme teaching of His own so that we look forward to a coming Christ as well as backward to a Christ in His last manifestation on the earth.'" The Changing World. Besant.  Since the writer of these words has declared, " I am not a Christian," and as abundant evidence has been produced in support of this declaration, we fail to see how such a person can possibly know anything about true spiritual wisdom, the meaning of Christ, or of a new civilization. 

The key-note of a new civilization might strike, and it might go on striking, but such a person would not hear it, or hearing, would not understand. It has been falsely conjectured that the appearance of a teacher, or of that which is sacrilegiously termed ' The Supreme Teacher ' — ' The Lord Christ ' — in the single body of one individual human being, could, or can, be the means whereby to rectify evils, or supposed evils, existing in the world. 

This idea is a tremendous fallacy. Not only that, but as propounded it is something very serious and dangerous. (In parenthesis we may say it appears to us that such a project, such a suggestion as that brought forward, i.e. that of the confinement of 'Christ,^ or of 'The Supreme Teacher of the World,' in the body of one exclusive human being, apart and distinguished from all other men, together with certain methods employed, is idolatry, and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. This false idea, this astral ' occult conception,' if persisted in, will again as of old, lead to idolatry, further gross superstitions, fresh forms of priestcraft, occultism. viii PREFACE and hosts of evils, the like of which we know to be still hampering the exoteric Church, and the minds of men. From the coils of the serpent, man is struggling to free himself. 

Then why should he hatch out a fresh brood from the same noisome old nest ?) In reference to this ' occult conception,' it has been truly saying: " Persons who have committed this unpardonable sin," {pledges of obedience, seeking to get hold of the souls of children, and men), " against the Holy Ghost of their own higher souls, and who have been endeavoring to hypnotize and similarly enslave and stunt the souls of others, do not deserve to be trusted in the least. Their one-sided pledges of obedience to mere mortals, without any adequate counter ledge of loyalty and service and rational and moral direction, are the very quintessence of that dread thing of black soul-gloom and all evil for which history has no other name than Jesuitism. And the insidious introduction of that sinister working of the human mind into an Institution with important and far-reaching ideals, in any shape or form, with its small and innocuous-seeming or even plausible beginnings, but dire consequences is widespread soul- corruption. '" 

The writer of the above extract, calls upon all men and women who are responsible, sincere, and truthful, all who are truly religious, all who have the spiritual welfare of mankind at heart, to actively resist such insidious introductions of the soul-warping cults and pledges to the utmost, jealously mistrusting all the Bhagavan Das. men and women who would work by the baleful methods of Jesuitry, The Supreme Teacher of Man, ''Christ,'' the Spiritual Mind and Soul — in man — cannot be contained, or limited, to one body, one form, one human being. Supreme Teaching is that which influences all great souls. Numbers of the spiritually enlightened are spread all over the world. Christ, the Spiritual Mind of the Deity is within the Soul of all Regenerate men and women

. The Spiritual Mind of the Deity cannot be limited, nor can it be contained in an exclusive form. Nor is The Supreme Spirit contained in Form. Nothing that can be said to be Supreme is manifested in the outward form of one single individual human being — apart from other human beings. The Supreme requires all forms — millions, and countless millions of forms wherein to manifest.

Contents of the book:

Saviors — Sacrifices — Absurdity of literalism — The new gospel —
Bible stories, literal or mystical? — Woman and man — Evolution of
Soul — Father-Mother.
The Bible — Mystical teaching — The Word of God is Life —
Teachers — Gods and men — Love — The Lord-God — Intellectual
learning v. ' Bottomless ignorance ' — Head learning — False prophets — The true Mediator is suffering.
The Way — The strait gate — The Pilgrim's Progress — Heaven
according to the orthodox — The militant churchman — Foreign
Missions — Literalisms contained in the supreme Fetich—The New
Priesthood — The Theosophy of the Upanishads — Walt Whitman.
The Master of this world — Adonai — The Word — The Trinity —
The body is not vile — Spirit is supreme — The Lord-God of life —
Man's supreme Teacher — Of Soul — Hermes the Mind — Paracelsus
— Abram, Isaac, Jacob — Thought — The lessons of life itself —
Matter — Reincarnation — Good and evil — St. Augustine said: All is
good — Salvation within — Charity — The importance of suffering.

Good and not good — Saints and sinners — John Bunyan — The
vanity of man — The gospel a work of art — Realization of desire —
Overcome evil with good — The Priests — Man — Animals — Symbols
— Paracelsus — Pascal.
Western system of education — Brahminism — The Self — The
source of Religion — Brahma Knowledge— Christianity — The four-
fold nature of man — The Beatitudes — Thou art thy neighbor — ' Be
ye perfect.'
The Path — The Secret Way — The Voice of the Silence — Perfection — The divine Self — Theosophy of the Upanishads — Return
of the ego — General Booth — Song Celestial — Voice of the Silence :
Great teachers are human as regards the body, divine as regards
spirit-soul — The Superman — Liberation — Imagination — Life in the
body — Is life a privilege? — ' Life is hard to bear' — Look forward
— Act in the present — The light — Time — Emerson on Compensation
—Will to Power — The Self is one — Life is reality. 

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The Coming Christ by Johanna

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