Psychology; a study of mental life (1921) PDF by Robert Sessions Woodworth

Psychology; a study of mental life

Psychology; a study of mental life


On the other hand should any reader desire to make this text the basis of a more extensive course of reading, the lists of references appended to the several chapters will prove of service. The books and articles there cited will be found interesting and not too technical in style. Many advantages can be derived from the use of the "Exercises". The text, at the best, but provides raw material.

 Each student's finished product must be of his own making. The exercises afford an opportunity for the student to work over the material and make it his own. A first or preliminary edition of this book, in mimeographed sheets, was in use for two years in introductory classes conducted by the author and his colleagues and was subjected to exceedingly helpful criticism from both teachers and students. The revision of that earlier edition into the present form has been very much of a cooperative enterprise, and so many have cooperated that room could scarcely be found for all their names. Professor A. T. Poffenberger, Dr Clara F. Chassell, Dr Georgina I. Gates, Mr Gardner Murphy, Mr Harold E. Jones and Mr Paul S. Achilles have given me the advantage of their classroom experience with the mimeographed book. 

Dr Christine Ladd-Franklin has very carefully gone over with me the passages dealing with colour vision and with reasoning. Miss Elizabeth T. Sullivan, Miss Anna B. Copeland, Miss Helen Harper and Dr A. H. Martin have been of great assistance in the final stages of the work. Important suggestions have come also from several other universities, where the mimeographed book was inspected.

Robert Sessions Woodworth was an American academic psychologist of the first half of the twentieth century. A graduate of Harvard and Columbia, he studied under William James along with such prominent psychologists as Leta Stetter Hollingworth, James Rowland Angell, and Edward Thorndike.

Some contents :

What Psychology Is and Does 1
Varieties of Psychology 2
Psychology as Related to Other Sciences 3
The Science of Consciousness 7
The Science of Behavior 8
Introspection 10
Objective.Observation 11
General Lines of Psychological Investigation 14
Summary and Attempt at a Definition 17
Exercises 19
References 20
The Reaction Time Experiment 22
Reflex Action 24
The Nerves in Reflex Action 26
Internal Construction of the Nerves and Nerve Centers ....... 31
The Synapse 34
Coordination 37
Reactions in General 39
Exercises  42
References 44
Reactions or Different Levels 45
Difi^erent Sorts of Stimuli 47
The Motor Centers, Lower and Higher 49
How the Brain Produces Muscular Movements S3
Facilitation and Inhibition 54
Super-motor Centers in the Cortex 55
Speech Centers 57
The Auditory Centers 59
The Visual Centers ' 62
Cortical Centers for the Other Senses 63
Lower Sensory Centers 64

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