What does woman want - Timothy Leary PDF book

What does woman want? 

What does woman want  Timothy Leary PDF book

Review by Kurt von MeierThe little boy wants to put it back when it dings. He is watching the typewriter, the keys that move so fast he can't see them, listening for the bell that tells him he can push the carriage back for his daddy. Sometimes the ding comes in mid-word and he eagerly pushes the lever before daddy is ready so that the letters go spacing across the page and they make a joke of it.

The little boy is 4½. He is arrayed in a helmet of purest gold, shoulders girt with azure topped by a bandlet, gules; his loins are girdled in gold, his graceful legs bare, and his feet shod in special magic boots of blue laced in white and called by the name of "fast-running shoes." Across his chest is emblazoned the legend, The Amazing Spiderman. He wants to be with his daddy, with somebody, anyway, because he doesn't like to be alone, and his daddy is there.

So they decide to write together... The cover of the book 'looks like two faces," he says. What does the face say? "I don't know." Well, listen to her. He holds the book up to the boy's ear. Listen! What does she say? "I don't know." He says he doesn't know what she says. She says "I don't know," he says. And what was she asked? "

Author: Timothy Leary 
 Phoenix, Ariz.: Falcon Press

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