Practical Cookbooks - 14 PDF ebooks - collection

Practical Cookbooks PDF ebook collection

Practical Cookbooks PDF ebook collection

Whether you cook for yourself, your partner, or others,  this collection contains 14 PDF books to teach you how to cook with more great known and unknown recipes from many countries.


  1. A guide to modern cookery by Escoffier
  2. Aunt Caroline's Dixieland recipes 
  3. Cooking for two; a handbook for young housekeepers 
  4. French household cooking with a number of recipes from the best Paris chefs, simple and inexpensive 
  5. Low-cost cooking 
  6. My mother cook book a series of practical lessons in the art of cooking
  7. The 3-6-5 cookbook, for use 365 days in the year by Pechin, Mary Shelle
  8. The art of German cooking and baking by Meier, Lina Wachtelborn
  9. The Boston cooking-school cook bookThe Manila cookbook
  10. The people's home recipe book by Kirk, Alice Gitchell
  11. The Picayune's Creole cook book.pdf
  12. Things mother used to make a collection of old-time recipes, some nearly one hundred years old and never published before
  13. Three meals a day a choice collection of valuable and reliable recipes in all classes of cookery and a comprehensive cyclopaedia of information for the home including toilet, health, and housekeeping department
  14. Twentieth-century cookbook containing all the latest approved recipes in every department of cooking ... hygienic and scientific cooking ... a standard authority on the culinary art

Zip file direct download size 140 MB contains 14 PDF books

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