Teach Yourself Hebrew by R. K. Harrison PDF book

 Teach Yourself Hebrew by R. K.  Harrison PDF book

Teach Yourself Hebrew

Hebrew may seem to present a number of initial obstacles to the aspiring student. Its appearance is strange to those unfamiliar with Semitic languages, and it lacks almost all contact with the grammar and syntax of Classical or modem European languages. 

The alphabet is unfamiliar at first sight, and some of the letters are apt to be confused. Writing vocalized consonants from right to left is strange to the majority of people; the ring of Hebrew words and phrases, particularly when guttural letters are enunciated, is equally unfamiliar. Another difficulty might appear to subsist in the triliteral nature of most Hebrew roots so that to a beginner they not only sound alike but would also seem to require a considerable amount of mental effort to fix them accurately in the memory.

 Furthermore, the virtual absence of compound forms demands a separate Hebrew word for verbs which to us may express the same root idea, a factor which again appears to make for excessive memory work. Many such ideas arise through a beginner's unfamiliarity with the language, hut the student may he assured immediately Uiat his efforts will bring a quicker dividend in the form of an ability to translate the original than would be the case with Classical and other languages generally, A further merit is that previous experience in language-study is not essential; in fact, it may even be disadvantageous, and the majority of students grasp the principles of Hebrew grammar readily when only the mother- tongue is known. It is true, of course, that the study of any language requires enterprise, effort, and perseverance, and in this respect, Hebrew is no exception.


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