Goslings by J. D. Beresford Free Dystopia Novel (Plague that kills most men of England)

Goslings by J. D. Beresford, Free PDF Dystopian Novel (Plague that kills most men of England)  (1913)

Goslings by J. D. Beresford

Published in 1913, Goslings explores what happens when an extraordinary plague that kills mostly men wipes out the population of England.

The novel follows a few 'typical' characters from before the plague strikes, through the initial days, and on until a year after. It's clear from the tone of the long descriptive passages, that the author, J.D. Beresford, is of the opinion that mankind is a blight on the earth, an alien presence that this plague is curing.

Set in England, the story generally follows the Gosling family, along with a man named Thrale, who had boarded with them in the past. The Goslings are the sort of striving middle-class family that worries about what the neighbors think but have a little view of the world outside the narrow confines of their tidy townhouse in a pleasant suburb.

the Gosling women are forced to leave London, latecomers to the great emigration of starving female citizens.

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