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Scientific fact and metaphysical reality 

it seems to us that metaphysical problems are seldom among such questions and that in the examples quoted by the Humanists, the answers are fully valid, just because they do not seriously claim application to the intrinsic nature of the universe as a whole. Again, Mr Schiller would not be prepared to say that the universe is entirely " plastic," or as we make it ourselves. 

The Humanists, however, claim that their movement is intrinsically differentiated by reason of its novelty of method, which they assert to be psychologically justified to the exclusion of all others. Such application of science (psychology), 

if impartially introduced, would be entirely in our own spirit, but the Humanists do not seem to us at present to have given their views a sufficiently definite shape or to have clearly repudiated certain presentations of their doctrine, which we should regard as undoubtedly mistaken and tending to chaos. As a matter of psychology also, we doubt whether the original relation of will to the idea is as yet satisfactorily elucidated. We have, however, said sufficient on this subject, since it is not in the main line of our inquiry, and we await its further development. It will be found that some work in Personal Idealism is utilised for our own purposes.


Science and metaphysics.--Forms of mental apprehension.--Physical individuation.--The principle of life.--Formation of mind.--Psychophysical interaction.--Mind in man.--The ideal instincts.--Ether, matter, and mind.--God and the absolute.--Appendix on Haekel

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  • Author: Robert Brandon Arnold
  • Publication date: 1914
  • Company: New York and London: The Macmillan company, ltd.

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