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An ethical system based on the laws of nature PDF book by Marius Deshumbert

An ethical system based on the laws of nature

An ethical system based on the laws of nature

Translated from the French by

The author of this patient, sincere, and searching work has done me the honor to ask for a preface from my pen. The task of writing it comes when I am almost overweighted with other work on behalf of the physical and moral protection of the men who are now giving their all in order that the principles of doing justice and loving mercy shall prevail and rule the coming world. Therefore I am more than ever inadequate for the present theme and apologizes accordingly to M. Deshumbert and the reader.

It needs no special study nor discernment, however, to see that this book is a real contribution to the didactic literature, as yet so scanty and inchoate, of the Religion of Life. The days when evolution— an idea as old as the Buddha and Heracleitus —was thought to be new, and therefore fit for fashion-able argument, are long past. The twentieth century is making history so rapidly that we are in danger of forgetting the colossal record of the nineteenth in destroying lies and establishing truth. But the line of Spencer and Darwin is not extinct.

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