training manual for food Business service (1970) Free Book

training manual for food Business service (1970) Free Book

food Business service

This manual has been prepared to assist the operator trainee. Only by careful analysis of the contents and giving the instructor your undivided attention can good results be achieved. The material in this manual will cover the phases of management with an emphasis on food and labor cost controls which are the two principal costs in the food business. During the training course, we will also use textbooks, recordings, films, and lectures from persons highly skilled in their particular field.

Contents of the book

Management Personal Hygiene ' 13 Safety . . . Housekeeping 20 Dishwashing Procedures 33 Prevention of Food Poisoning 42 The Inspection " Coffee Making 58 Cashiering 68 Customer Relations 75 Personnel Relations 79 Record-Keeping 88 Insurance '* Merchandising 96 Serving Line Setup 99 Purchasing 1^2 Food Cost 12 ° Converting Recipes 12 5 Tools and Equipment 126 Introduction to Food Preparation 137 Food Preparation !44 Salad Preparation 157 Spices and Herbs 164 Food Adjuncts - Condiments 170 Principles of Menu Making 173 Techniques for Beef Cookery 181

Author: State of California Department
Publication Date: 1970

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