The technique of the novel PDF book (1908 ) by Charles Horne ; the elements of the art, their evolution and present use

The technique of the novel PDF book (1908 ) by Charles Horne; the elements of the art, their evolution, and their present use.

The technique of the novel PDF book

The aim of this book is to make clear the principles that underlie the most popular form of literature, the novel. With this end in view, these pages trace historically and by the aid of constant illustration the development of the art of novel writing. Considering the present frequently lamented "tyranny of the novel," it is surprising that the technique of this influential form of art has not been more closely studied. Its principles are often loosely discussed, and histories of the novel or critiques on the work of individuals are abundant, but nowhere has the complete body of accepted law been gathered and formulated for common use.

The necessity for some such undertaking is obvious if the critical study of fiction is to advance scientifically. Hence I have endeavored here to analyze the novel, to separate its parts, and then, going back to the earliest fic- ion, to see how each one of these essential elements has en employed and understood through all the ages. Thus the book, without being history, has something of history's cultural value in its chronological advance.

One important field which I have kept in view is that of collegiate study. Within the last twenty years, most of our colleges and universities have begun to give the novel serious consideration. The teaching of literature no longer means solely the discussion of poetry and of the essay. The novel is acknowledged as a potent literary form. Yet we have no completed text-book with which to approach it. Histories, whether of the novelists or their works, can not meet the demand; it is not through histories that we study other branches of Literature. For the analysis of the novel, the discussion of its elements, and the tracing of their historical development, I venture to offer this book, the outlines of which have been tested in practical classroom work.

Author: Charles Horne
 Publication Date: 1908 

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