The hymns of Zarathustra; being a translation of the Gāthā PDF book Translated by Duchesne-Guillemin Jacques.

The hymns of Zarathustra; being a translation of the Gāthā PDF book Translated by Duchesne-Guillemin Jacques  (1963)

The hymns of Zarathustra

This book is dedicated in love to My Beloved Son, El Morya, who as Chohan of the First Ray represents the Will of God to the people of earth. His tireless service and boundless enthusiasm have brought to the attention of the peoples in the Western Hemisphere, particularly, t

he truth about the Masters of Wisdom and Their great Endeavors to assist the human race and the evolution of the planet and all its attendant life. In order to accelerate the progress of the Divine Plan through those willing to abide in the Wisdom of the Masters, Beloved Morya applied for a dispensation whereby He might again contact certain chelas and present through them the current en¬ endeavors and activities of the Great Spiritual Hier¬ archy while such services were in progress. I was permitted by the Cosmic Law to allow Him this opportunity.

The contents of this book represent His advice, counsel and general correspondence with such chelas. All individuals who desire to assist Us will find the Law, as presented, equally applicable to their own endeavors and the Light which He has drawn and focused through these chelas’ conscious¬ ness an equally reliable guide for every individual’s progress on The Path!

Contents of the book:
Dedication . 4 Foreword. 5 Greetings from Darjeeling. 7 The First Ray and Its Chohan, El Morya ... 8 Master Morya’s Service to Life. 11 El Morya as Cosmic Correspondent. 14 The Great Abyss. 17 The Bridge Builders—1. 18 The Bridge Builders—2. 20 Human Reluctance to Change. 24 Victory to the Bold. 26 Chela's Evolution Accelerated by Association with Master. 28 Purpose of New Endeavor. 31 Universal Service of the Masters.

34 Divine Plan 1. 36 Divine Plan 2. 38 Lowering the Divine Pattern. 40 Externalizing Divine Pattern. 43 Mutual Benefits of Cooperative Service .... 46 Each Man’s Savior is within Himself. 49 Truth Colored by Human Concepts. 52 Light on Path 1. 60

Light on Path 2. 63 Light on Path 3. 65 Light on Path 4 . 73 God's Mission through You. 82 Momentums of Good and Evil. 84 Benefits from Contemplation of the Masters 86 Guardian Spirits. 88 Changing of Spiritual Poles of the Earth ... 91 Channeled Energy. 93 Chelas—Probationary. 94 —Accepted. 99 —Kuthumi’s Instruction. 103 Guru and Chela. 105 Grants and Investment of Masters' Energy .. 107 Spelling of Masters' Names. 110 Epilogue: The Spiritual Caravan. 112

Translated by Duchesne-Guillemin Jacques. 
 Publication Date: 1963

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