Fun With a Pencil PDF book by Andrew Loomis (1939)

Fun With a Pencil PDF book by Andrew Loomis: How Everybody Can Easily Learn to Draw

Fun With a Pencil PDF book


Get a pencil and paper quickly! Draw lightly all you see printed in blue. Take one stage at a time, on one drawing, until the last stage; then finish, with strong lines over the light ones, the lines we have printed in black. That is all there is to learn! These are "selected" or "built-in" from the basic forms. I call the basic drawings "Blooks," after myself.

I promised you that all you need to know, to start this book, is how to draw a
lopsided ball. Whatever shape you draw can be used as a foundation for a funny

face. Do the best you can, even if the ball looks more like a potato.


The big idea is to start with a "form." Then develop other "forms"
on it. Build your final lines in by selecting, eliminating the lines you do not use. I leave mine in to show how it's done.

Author: Andrew Loomis
 Publication Date: 1939

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