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"A Book which obtained the Hare prize in the year 1889."

Among the general aids, the first place is claimed by Zeller's Philosophie der Griechen, which has been constantly consulted. The edition referred to is the Second edition of the English Translation of the part dealing with the Stoics, Epicureans, and Sceptics, which appeared in 1880. In a few cases, the fourth German edition has also been quoted. Reference is also made to the English Translations of the other parts of Zeller's book, wherever available. 

Except incidentally, Zeller gives up the attempt to trace the development of the Stoa in the hands of its successive leaders, and this deficiency is to some extent supplied by the ingenious work of Hirzel, die Entwicklwig der Stoischen Philosophie, forming the second volume of his Untersuchungen zu Cicero's Philosophischen Schriften.

To Hirzel belongs the credit of having vindicated the originality of Cleanthes against ancient and modem detractors, although in working out his views he often argues on somewhat shadowy foundations, and has unduly depreciated the importance of the contributions made by Zeno.

Lastly, Stein's two books die Psychologie der Stoa (1886), and die Erkenntnistheorie der Stoa (1888), have been of great service, and his views, where he disagrees with Hirzel, have been generally adopted. Many other books have of course been consulted and will be found cited from time to time, among which Krische's die theologischen Lehren der Griechischen Denker, and Diels' Boxographi Graeci, deserve special mention. Although the results arrived at have been checked by the aid of modern writers, the ancient authorities and especially Diogenes Laertius, Plutarch, Sextus Empiricus, Stobaeus (Eclogae), and Cicero have been throughout treated as the primary source of information. The references to Stobaeus are accommodated to Wachsmuth's edition (Berlin, 1884). Susemihl'an article on the birth- year of Zeno in the Nev£ Jahrhucher fur Philologie for 1889 appeared too late to be utilized for the introduction.

Author: Pearson, A. C
 Publication Date1881

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