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Advertising; its principles, practice, and technique

Advertising; its principles, practice, and technique
Advertising; its principles, practice, and technique 

In this book, I have tried, to the best of my judgment, to analyze and put together in systematic form the available facts and elementary principles of advertising. It is hoped that the book may serve as a first textbook for students and as an introductory handbook for businessmen. 

 I have tried to combine the practical and theoretical aspects of the subject so that the practical experiences of business houses, which are quoted at length, may illustrate the Underlying principles, and that the discussion of principles may illuminate the practical results of business. Problems of advertising policies and plans, and problems in the technique and construction of advertisements, are given at the end of the various chapters. These will increase the usefulness of the book as a text. This book does not pretend to be a final treatise on the subject. The last word in advertising has yet to be spoken. Scarcely more than a beginning, in a scientific way, has been made. 

No one realizes more than the writer, after several years of teaching and of practical contact with advertising, the scarcity of thoroughly established facts and principles. The author acknowledges his gratitude to the editors and publishers of Printer's Ink, System, Advertising and Selling, and Judicious Advertising for permission to quote extensively from these periodicals.

details :
  • Author:  Daniel Starch
  • Publication date: 1914
  • Remark Publisher Chicago, New York, Scott, Foresman and company

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