The principal species of wood - PDF by Charles H. Snow

The principal species of wood: their characteristic properties

The principal species of wood
The principal species of wood

The following is a brief untechnical presentation of general features characterizing economically important species of wood. It is the result of notes originally brought together from many already existing sources and later augmented, and verified so far as possible for the present use, by personal observation. 

The work of preparation has not been as simple as the result would indicate, and although great care has been taken to check each fact, errors do no doubt exist, although it is not believed that there are important ones. Engineers while writing upon woods have, save exceptionally, emphasized strength beyond most other properties. 

Other works for expert foresters or botanists are of necessity too special, voluminous, fragmental, or technical for the casual student. Some popular books on trees, as distinct from woods, are available. 

The present form is distinct from these and is intended for those who are not foresters or botanists, but who use woods or desire knowledge of their distinguishing properties. Allusions to trees, historical and other references, aside from those directly regarding woods, are made for completeness and in order to mark, distinguish, or separate the species.

Acknowledgements are particularly due to the publications of the U. S. Division of Forestry, to Prof Sargent's studies as set forth in Vol. IX of the Tenth U. S. Census, to Dr B. E. Fernow, to Mr Raphael G. Zon for suggestions and for technical revision, to the Northwestern Lumberman and other trade. 

journals, too many dealers, who have been uniform in their courtesy, and incidentally to Mr Morris K. Jesup, whose magnificent collection of woods at the New York Museum of Natural History has been available to the writer as to others. 

These, with other sources of information acknowledged by the writer, and suggested to others, are suitably arranged in the following list. Of the 155 illustrations, 138 are original, the drawings having been prepared under the supervision of the writer from actual specimens by Mr Irving T. Worthy of Cornell University and several students of New York University, and the photographs by Mr John Hopfengartner, Jr., of Westchester, New York City. Other illustrations are, so far as possible, acknowledged in place.

the book details :
  • Author: Charles H. Snow
  • Publication date: 1903
  • Company: New York, J. Wiley & Sons; London, Chapman & Hall, limited

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