The advanced course in personal magnetism - Theron Q Dumont - PDF ebook

The advanced course in personal magnetism

The advanced course in personal magnetism

the secrets of mental fascination 

From introduction:
In my previous work, “The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism,” I gave the principles and elementary rules for developing personal power and influence. In this work the subject will be continued, although it will be a complete work in itself, as no doubt many will secure this volume before they know there is a previous work. 

Those who have read “The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism” will better understand these advanced lessons because we have repeated very little of the matter contained in the former work. I will not go over old beaten paths, or indulge in abstruse terms, but will give in a condensed non-mystical style all I have been able to learn of this wonderful power, from the latest and ablest teachings on the subject. 

As in my previous work, all technical terms have been avoided, so that even the layman may readily understand. Some time ago one of my students asked me why I had met with such remarkable success in my teachings, and my reply was that, after many years of study, I have succeeded in working out a united system along purely scientific lines, which is practical and appeals to reason. 

In a short time the facult} 7 of intuition is developed, and as one secret is unfolded the key to another is placed in the hands of the student. For years, at a great expense, I bought course after course of instruction. I studied everything I could get hold of relating to the secrets of personal magnetism and success. 

Many of these instructions were guaranteed to accomplish wonders, and I earnestly waded through their abstruse terminology, hoping to find the key. I found that many others had pursued the same course that I had and that the results were unsatisfactory. 

Then I concluded that something must be wrong. In time I realized that the private lessons, which were expensive, were got out as a money-making proposition. They were not concerned with the effort to give students value received; to make the work concise and readily understood and applied, but merely to confuse. 

Naturally, this method of procedure could not attract success. The foundation upon which they built was wrong. In my search, I found some grand truths. I gained a little from each one, and thus I have been able to put into a condensed and perfectly simple form all the secrets which I have discovered and proved so that I am confident that the student who earnestly learns and applies these straightforward and practical methods will be able to win success. 

They have been worth thousands of dollars to others and will be, I know, to you. "What I am giving you in this volume has been personally tried and proved. From my long experience I am certain that if you study the lessons and practice them, you can become magnetic and make good. 

If you have not met with the success you desire; if you have not been able to carry out your plans, just get busy and read my lessons carefully. Through your higher self, you can come in contact with tremendous forces and you can master the secret of the Omnipotence of Natural Law. 

One thing I must impress upon you, and that is that you must always use your forces 10 Foreword wisely. You must never attempt to use your power to further anything that is dishonest. 

If you should thus attempt to misuse the power you acquire, I can assure you with absolute certainty that you will draw unto yourself penalties in exact proportion to the wrongs you have done.

the book details :
  • Author: Theron Q, Dumont - I guess this is a pseudonym for William Walker Atkinson
  • Publication date: 1914
  • Company: Chicago: Advanced Thought Pub. Co.; London: L. N. Fowler

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