The snake's pass - Bram Stoker - PDF ebook

The snake's pass

The snake's pass

A story of Mayo, sketching Irish types in a rough-and-ready way, and making sensational effects out of prophetic dreams, attempted murder, and "the strange phenomenon of a moving bog."


I. A Sudden Storm l
II. The Lost Crown of Gold ...... 15
III. The Gombeen Man 36
IV. The Secrets of the Bog ....... 58
V. On Knocknacar 83
VI. Confidences 106
VII. Vanished 126
VIII. A Visit to Joyce 147
IX. My New Property. 160
X. In the Cliff Fields ........ 176
XL Un Mauvais Quart d'Heure 195
XII. Bog-Fishing and Schooling 213
XIII. Murdock's Wooing 235
XIV. A Trip to Paris 254
XV. A Midnight Treasure Hunt 278
XVI. A Grim Warning 297
XVII. The Catastrophe. . 320
XVIII. The Fulfilment 344

the book details :
  • Author: Bram Stoker
  • Publication date: 1891
  • Company: London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington Ltd.

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