Your forces, and how to use them - PDF book by Prentice Mulford

Your forces, and how to use them

Your forces, and how to use them
Your forces, and how to use them

A Supreme Power and Wisdom governs the" Universe. The Supreme Mind is measureless and pervades endless space. The Supreme Wisdom, Power and Intelligence are in everything that exists from the atom to the planet. The Supreme Power and Wisdom are more than in everything. The Supreme Mind is everything. 

The Supreme Mind is every atom of the mountain, the sea, the tree, the bird, the animal, the man, the woman. The Supreme Wisdom cannot be understood by man or by beings superior to man. But man will gladly receive the Supreme thought and wisdom, and let it work for happiness through him,, caring not to fathom its mystery. 

The Supreme Power has us in its charge, as it has the suns and endless systems of worlds in space. As we grow more to recognize this sublime and exhaustless wisdom, we shall learn more and more to demand that wisdom draw it to ourselves, make it a part of ourselves, and thereby be ever making ourselves newer and newer. 

This means ever perfecting health, greater and greater power to enjo> all that exists, gradual transition into a higher state of being and the development of powers we do not now realize as belonging to us. We are the limited yet ever-growing parts and -expressions of the Supreme Never-Ending Whole. It is the destiny of all in time to see their relation to the Supreme and also to see that the straight and narrow path to ever-increasing happiness is perfect trust and dependence on the Supreme for the all-around symmetrical wisdom and idea which we individually cannot originate. 

Let us than daily demand faith, for faith is the power to believe and power to see that all things are parts of the Infinite Spirit of God, that all things have good or God in them, and that all things when recognized by us as parts of God must work for our good. You travel when your body is in the state called sleep. The real "you" is not your body; it is an unseen organization, your spirit. 

It has senses like those of the body but is far superior. It can see forms and hear voices miles away from the body. Your spirit is not in your body. It never was wholly in it; it acts on it and uses it as an instrument. It is a power that can make itself feel miles from your body. One-half of our life is a blank to us; that is, the life of our spirit when it leaves the body at night. It goes then to countries far distant and sees people we never know in the flesh. Sleep is a process, unconsciously performed, of self-mesmerism. 

As the mesmeric operator wills another into unconsciousness, so do you nightly will yourself, or rather your body, into a state of insensibility. What the mesmeric operator really does is to draw the spirit out of the body of the person he mesmerizes. He brings the thought of his subject Thoughts are Things. to some focus or centre, as a coin held in the hand. While thus centred, the thought (or spirit) of the subject is put in such a condition that he can most easily affect it by his will. He will then the per- son's spirit out of his body. 

This done, he throws his own thought in that body. It is then as a house left open by its owner. The mesmerizer then takes possession of that body by the power of his own thought. It is not the subject at all who sees, feels, and tastes as the operator wills: it is the spirit or thought of the mesmerizer himself, exercised in another body, temporarily left vacant by its own spirit. Thought is a substance as much as air or any other unseen element of which chemistry makes us aware.

 It is of many and varying degrees in strength. Strong thought or mind is the same as a strong will. Some persons are so weak in thought, as compared with the practised mesmerizer, that they cannot resist him. Others of even stronger thought can give themselves up voluntarily to his control. You need not be overpowered by anyone in this way, providing you resist them in mind and call upon the higher power to assist you if you feel their thought overcoming you. 

When we " go to sleep," the spirit has been by its day's workings sent widely scattered away from the body; with so little of its force left by it, the body falls into the trance state of slumber. As the mesmerizer draws the spirit away from the body of his subject, so has our spirit drawn itself away from our bodies by its many efforts during the day.

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  • Author: Prentice Mulford
  • Publication date: 1911
  • Company: New York: F.J. Needham

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