Old French romances - PDF by William Morris

Old French romances

Old French romances
Old French romances

The Tale of King Coiistans the Emperor, The Friendship of Amis and Amile, Tlie Tale of King Floras and the Fair Jelmne, The History of Over Sea. 

These four romances belong to the 13th century, and, whatever their origin, are a faithful expression of the thought and feeling of mediaeval France. The first is mythical history, a fable inserted in the life of Constantius Chlorus, father of Constantine the Great; scene Byzantium. 

The next is a legend of true friendship between two heroes of the Carlovingian wars, who resembled each other as closely as the two Dromios. 

The story of Florus exhibits the private life of the feudal age; compared with Aumssin and Nicolette it is a characteristic story of the North of France. The most powerful of the four is the last, the tragic story of the Countess of Ponthieu, which was dramatised in the 18th century. Morris's archaic and sensuous prose is an admirable medium for the reproduction of these romances.

The tale of King Coustans the emperor.--The friendship of Amis and Amile.--The tale of King Florus and the Fair Jehane.--The history of oversea

the book details :
  • Author: William Morris
  • Translator: Joseph Jacobs
  • Publication date:1896
  • Company: London: G. Allen

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