Footsteps of Fate - PDF novel by Louis Couperus

Footsteps of Fate 

Footsteps of Fate
Footsteps of Fate -

Plot Summary:

study of Fatalism. Two Dutchmen and the English girl, whom one of them loves, are the chief characters. The poorer, an emasculate creature, sponges on his wealthy friend, and when he fears he will lose his support by his friend's marriage, he yields to the impulse to estrange the lovers.

 The state of mind of a man who would fain impute his crimes to Fate or to the innate defects of character is depicted with much force and with knowledge of moral pathology. As omens and presages have hinted from the beginning, the story ends in tragedy for all. Heinemann

Translation of Couperus' "Noodlot" by Clara Bell
the book details :
  • Author: Louis Marie-Anne Couperus was a Dutch novelist and poet.
  • Translator:  Clara Bell
  • Publication date:1891
  • Company: Heinemann

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