Wealth - PDF book by Glen Brion Winship

Wealth  by Glen Brion Winship

Wealth  by Glen Brion Winship

Nothing more timely than Mr Glen B. Winship’s book on “Wealth” could have appeared. It deals with basic economic problems in a vividly clear and inter¬ esting manner. Mr Winship brings the subject up to date, —up to the minute, in fact—in its relation to existing ques¬ tions of world consideration. Without an antagonistic word in any direction, he develops by plain reasoning and logic, the philosophy which he believes must be recognized and understood, if mankind is to improve on present-day methods of creating and distrib¬ uting wealth. 

The great merit of the book is, that it clears the path of much intellectual debris,—sophistries and casuistries, on the one hand, superficialities and fallacies on the other. It aims at the Truth—with malice towards none and with the desire of justice for all. The style is simple, entertaining, delightful. Compre¬ hensive brevity would describe its prevailing characteristic. One lays down the volume with the feeling that a new and helpful force has entered the lists for right-wiseness in the adjustment of the social and economic problems which con¬ front the world.

Honest men may disagree, because men may honestly believe an untruth.

 It is foolish for one to attempt forcing his beliefs upon another, but we benefit by exchanging ideas. It was with this in mind that I attempted to outline some of the principles underlying the success or failure of individuals and of nations. Here are some of the questions which presented themselves: What is wealth, and how is it accumulated? 

How does the “national” wealth affect the well-being of the individual? How can the cost of living be reduced? Why will we have “hard times” unless our foreign trade is large? Is “paternalism” a function of Government? What is the difference between socialism and cooperative individualism? As champions of democracy, is it consistent for us to prepare for an era of keen competition among the nations? 

These are broad questions and should be considered carefully by every citizen before attempting to form conclusions as to the merits of the many specific proposals which are being put forward by economic reformers. Frequently, the details of such proposals tend to cloud their basic character. Consequently, in the six articles here reproduced from Sinclair's Magazine, I tried to avoid the relatively unim¬ portant details and to confine attention so far as possible to fundamental truths.

Copyright: 1919

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