A cruise under the crescent- PDF (1898) by Charles Stoddard

A cruise under the crescent; from Suez to San Marco

A cruise under the crescent
A cruise under the crescent

In an interesting travel book, the author tells about his trips with attractive drawings.

His "flight into Egypt" has come to an end, we folded our wings for a few days only and then spread them again, with our faces turned due north. Thank heaven, there were other worlds to conquer; there always are; this is what makes life worth living. We booked for Ismailia via Zagazig, leaving Cairo by the morning express in a high wind that was cool and refreshing. 

All the journey was a kind of rapid review of the Egyptian experiences. Every palm and mimosa, every Arab village, every Sheik's tomb, with its low white dome, and the strips of water where the sakias were slowly turning, and the shadoofs were swinging up and down, brought to mind reminiscences of the last four months. It was delightful, in the same way, that the remembrance of something great and good accomplished is a delight.

 Even the two hours' wait at the hot and dusty station of Zagazig, where we saw the train come in from Alexandria and set out for Suez, was less of a trial than it might have been having I not ever in my mind the thought that in a few hours more I should see my last of this glorious land of romantic and eventful history. We all refreshed ourselves at Zagazig, drawing our feet up under us on the deep divans, and partaking of the luncheon brought from Cairo. 

Three venerable Mus-ultans were seated on the .^ divan opposite. A retinue of servants stood by and obeyed the slightest signal of their masters. Many fine-looking men arrived, kissed the hands of these gentlemen, made profound salams, and with a very few words withdrew, backing out of the room.

I — From Suez to San Marco, 5
II— At the Gateway of the East, 13
III — Going up to Jerusalem 30
IV — Impressions of Jerusalem, 54
V — In the Footsteps of our Lord, 80
VI— Damascus, " Pearl of the East," .... 189
VII— From Baalbek to Beirut 226
VIII — Glimpses of Asia Minor, 239
IX— Athens, 250
X— A Cruise in the Homeric Sea, 259
XI— Stamboul 279
XII— St. Sophia, 306
XIII— On the Bosporus 317
XIV— Prinkipo 327
XV— The Sultan goes to Mosque, 34i
XVI— Out of the East, 35i

the book details :
  • Author: Charles Warren Stoddard
  • Publication date: 1898
  • Company: Chicago, New York: Rand, McNally & company

  • Download  11 MB

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