The Anabasis of Xenophon ( 1881) PDF ebook.

The Anabasis of Xenophon 

Translated by John Fisher MacMichael

The Anabasis of Xenophon

Xenophon's best-known work, and "one of the great adventures in human history
The Anabasis of Xenophon: with notes, Introd., itinerary, geographical appendix, and an index; and three maps, illustrative of the expedition. By J.f. Macmichael
The text of this edition of the Anabasis has for its basis that of F. A. Bornemann (2nd ed., Leips. 1825). The Tew deviations from this original that occur are pointed out either in the Notes or in the Appendix (p. 386), along with the authorities on which they rest. 

Annotations, and, occasionally, various readings from other editions,; will be found quoted under the initial letters of their respective authors, as given at p. xxviii. 

The course and issue of the expedition, and the part that Xenophon bore in it, may be gathered from the book itself. His subsequent history may be summed up as follows: — having handed over the Syrian Greeks to the Spartan general Thibron (Sparta being then at war with the king of Persia; see YIL vi. 1, note; viii. 24), he was preparing to return home (vii. 57; viii. 2), when a decree of banishment was passed against him at Athens for having aided Cyrus, the persistent enemy of Athens, against Artaxerxes the friend About the same time he would hear of the condemnation and death of Socrates (June of 399 b.c.). 

Where he was and how employed for the next six months is purely conjectural; not serving under Thibron apparently though it is probable that he soon resumed command of his old comrades, and that he served first under Dercyllidas, who superseded Thibron 398 b.c., and then under Agesilaus.

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