Hunger by Knut Hamsun PDF novel (1899)

Hunger by  Knut Hamsun

Hunger by  Knut Hamsun

This very unusual and notable book . . . the product of most remarkable imagination, so real is it, so vivid, so moving, so compelling in its claims upon the reader's emotions and sympathies."
 New York Times.

Autobiographical novel recounting the abject poverty, hunger, and despair of a young writer struggling to achieve self-discovery and its ultimate artistic expression.

The book brilliantly probes the psychodynamics of alienation, obsession, and self-destruction, painting an unforgettable portrait of a man driven by forces beyond his control to the edge of the abyss.

his powerful work of writing by Knut Hamsun, clearly lets you think what the state of ‘hunger’ can do to a human being. Yes, by ‘hunger’, the author does really refer to the state of starvation in the absence of food. This idea of ‘hunger’, which looks like just another figure when it makes its appearance in one’s view in the form of some statistics, something which the well-to-do people cannot even imagine, is the essential sketch of this extremely thought-provoking work by Hamsun.

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