Phrases and names, their origins and meanings 1906 PDF book by Trench Johnson

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Phrases and names, their origins and meanings

The origin of place-names is interesting in that it opens up the history of peoples and the civilizing influences if so one might term it, of conquest. London street-names, in particular, convey in one word to a person of antiquarian tastes as much meaning as " a volume of forgotten lore." As to phrases and expressions, the author has made a special study of the subject. A great many Americanisms have been included, but as the number is daily increasing it would require a -monthly publication of such home-made phrases to keep fully abreast with the times. 

nothing should be wanting in the way of exhaustiveness, it has been thought advisable to incorporate in the vi Preface text a number of slang terms and expressions •which daily assail one's ears. To the author, the compilation of this volume has been a pleasant recreation in the intervals of more exacting literary labors. If it is found to contain a plethora of good things, the reader will, of course, take them out in small doses.

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