Personality; studies in personal development - PDF - Harry Spillman

Personality; studies in personal development

Personality; studies in personal development

The essays comprising this volume are based upon a series of addresses delivered by the author before the New York high schools imder the joint auspices of the New York Board of Education and the New York Chamber of Commerce. 

These addresses were later given before schools and colleges throughout the country and, with some modification, before nearly a hundred Ad Clubs, Rotary Clubs, and Chambers of Commerce. 

The author's viewpoint and much of the information and data under- lying these addresses were gained by the writer is placing more than twenty thousand stenographers and business assistants in Greater New York. Because of the manner in which this material first appeared these chapters retain some of the characteristics of direct spoken address. The author has sought, however, through the medium of the questionnaire at the end of each chapter, to give this book a realistic character not to be found in the usual inspirational volume. 

The results obtained will depend upon the vigour of the reader or teacher in applying the questionnaires, and in supplementing these with illustrations and questio"=' drawn from personal experience.

"References" at the end of each essay

Self-survey and control.--Thinking I can.--Eyes that see.--"My ships."--The standard bearer.--Tides of life.--Unlisted assets.--Personality power.--Idealizing the real.--The old home town.--Winning with words.--The conquest of happiness.--Assembling the fragments.--Doing unto others.--The habit of harmony.--Making friends with the clock.--Defying the years.--That which is Caesar's.--Counting your friends

the book details :
  • Author: Harry  Spillman
  • Publication date:1919
  • Company: New York, Boston [etc.] The Gregg publishing company

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