Sales promotion by mail - PDF ebook

Sales promotion by mail, how to sell and how to advertise; a hand-book of business building, with numerous illustrative diagrams 
Sales promotion by mail

This volume deals with every phase of getting business through the mail. Its field of usefulness is wide, from the small business whose proprietor is perhaps a sales manager, advertising manager, and promotion manager in one, up to the establishment employing thousands of men and having a complete sales organization.

 During the past few years, experience has shown that the sale of practically every known commodity may be increased by judicious use of the mail. The manufacturer, the wholesaler, the jobber, the retailer, in whatever line, all may utilize to advantage this method to secure orders directly, secure prospects, follow up on advertising or inquiries, support salesmen on the road, or create a friendly feeling among customers. The ten authors are all men of wide and successful experience. Their ideas and methods as given in this volume will be of immense advantage even, to those experienced in mail advertising and selling, while to the less experienced, or to the novice, this information is of untold value.


How to compile a mailing list, ed. by H.C. Burdick.--Form letters, ed. by J. Wallen.--Follow-up letters, ed. by L.V. Eytinge.--Letter-enclosures, ed. by G. Adams.--Making collections by mail, ed. by T.J. Wright.--From inquiries to sales, ed. by C.W. Mears.--Organizing and systematizing an advertising department, ed. by W.H. Ingersoll.--The organization and work of a promoting department, ed. by W.P. Werheim.--How to plan and edit a house organ, ed. by A.T. Garrett.--Building export business by mail, ed. by A.E. Ashburner

the book details :
  • Author: various
  • Publication date:1916
  • Company: New York and London, G.P. Putnam's sons

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